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Trying times call for trying something new!

People are asking, "Does it really have to be this uncomfortable to travel?" .

The travel & hospitality industry is sensing the spark of something new as people answer, "No, and we plan to do something about it."

Fresh thinkers are testing countless breakthrough ideas on accessible travel. They are rubbing ingenuity against continuity to enkindle a new flame.

At Rolling Rains we monitor that brush fire as it reveals ideas that are standing the test of the times.

In particular we search out examples of how Universal Design creates new travel opportunities and products that are, to quote the definition of Universal Design, usable by the widest range of people operating in the widest range of situations.

Explore as an idea whose time.

The concept of Inclusive Travel is itself traveling around the world. It is leaving an infrastructure that will allow the pleasure of world discovery to generations to come. It enables generations present to do so through all stages of their lifespan. That's the vision of Universal Design applied to tourism -- Inclusive Tourism.

Follow the journey of Inclusive Tourism here at RollingRains.com

The legacy of this innovation of inclusion is life-changing. The vistas opened up can be breathtaking - stylish, inclusive, and leaving you wanting more.

Each day you will find a new post at RollingRains.com - the only way to learn more than that is to get out and travel yourself!

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